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Mike Kane

Sales Representative

Mike has been a licensed sales representative since August 2016. He graduated from Georgian College’s Electrical Engineering Technology program in January 2016 and decided to pursue an exciting career in the real estate sector. Mike was driven into the commercial real estate sales sector by an interest in commercial real estate and ambition to pursue a sales based career.

He has caught on very quickly to the intricacies of commercial real estate in a short period of time from working directly with Cathy Lowe and assisting in assignments with the rest of the experienced sales team at Ed Lowe Limited. In negotiations, he has proved that he knows the product he is selling or leasing, how to conduct himself in a business transaction, how to effectively negotiate both ends of a real estate transaction and who to contact to market various properties. Over his years in the business he has made a large number of connections through direct marketing and cold calling developers, business and landowners and forming beneficial relationships with them. In turn he has created a growing contact base of potential buyers, sellers and tenants for buildings and development land of all varieties for sale and lease transactions.

Mike has proven to be an effective closer in real estate sales and leasing as reflected in the large volume of transactions he has completed in his first year on the job. Mike has successfully negotiated many large leases and sales with the utmost professionalism, always putting the client’s interest before anything else. Mike has proven his marketing ability throughout his time on the job, coming up with new marketing ideas and showing a keen eye for design and layout of our new marketing packages.

Since joining Ed Lowe Limited, Mike has, and will, continue to prove that he can effectively perform all of the tasks required of him and continue to flourish in the commercial real estate sales industry to the benefit of the firm’s clients and customers.

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